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Исполнитель: Sf Perkele

Known for his dusty and psychedelic music, SF Perkele is believed to be a pseudonym for one of several popular DJs. His albums include 420 (2007), TV on the Radio (2007), Hits from the Bong (2008), MadLib (2008), Pulp Fiction (2009), Neon Indian (2009), Rare Exports (2010), Nujabes (2010), Madventures (2011), Clams Casino (2011), Animal Collective (2011), Sticky Fingers (2012), Washed Out (2012), Phantogram (2013), High Fidelity (2013), Wild Nothing (2014), Youth Lagoon (2014), XXYYXX and Foxygen. ead more on Last.fm

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